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Food from my Cape Malay kitchen

Shakshuka with Minced Beef

What could ever be better than the combination of meatballs (or frikkadels as we call it here in Cape Town!), a tomato based sauce AND then some additional eggs? Nothing. Nothing, I tell you and it’s not a lie!

This week I tried a middle-eastern dish that I’d heard of a long time ago from various Arab students, but had never had the guts to try it. Last week however, that all changed as I saw it being prepared on a TV food show (because that’s all I watch these days, that and international property buying shows!) Continue reading “Shakshuka with Minced Beef”


The Best Banana Loaf

A staple go-to sweet treat in my life has always been banana loaf. As a kid growing up in a traditionally Cape Malay home, we didn’t make it all that much but yet it always made its way to our kitchen. Whether it came via a neighbour, a grandmother that sent a piece from up the road or even the store, it came and we ate.

And then I got married. I got married to a man that eats about one banana a day, sometimes buys them in bulk and so as a resul Continue reading “The Best Banana Loaf”

Potato flapjacks…yum!


Flapjacks, pancakes and crepes  –  I can eat them all on any day at any occasion. The trick to mine is pretty simple, I use left-over mashed potatoes to give it that extra something! Of course, you can skip this ingredient and will still get a delicious flapjack, but I beg you to try the potato version and then tell me about it after 😉 A few of these, some honey and a cup of tea – pure bliss! Continue reading “Potato flapjacks…yum!”

Give us some dahl!

As my mother and husband would tell you, the way to my heart is good ol’ plate of dahl! I’ve been eating and loving it since I was a little girl, though this is a plain and easy dish to make.  My mother would always know to make extra, as her three daughters would have at least two plates each! Continue reading “Give us some dahl!”

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