What is it about warm summer evenings that make me want to switch on the oven and get the baking goods out? Who knows…but then again, who’s honestly complaining? Tonight after dinner, I happened to spot a leftover piece of puff pastry that I’d used two nights before for a delicious pepper steak pie.

I was in the mood for something sweet, but not too overly rich…and there were apples in the fridge sooo…

There’s no need to continue really, haha, these apple roses are so simple to make. Just make sure to have enough flour at hand to dust your rolling pin and working surface on, as these summer nights make buttery pastry a bit of a nightmare to work with at times!


  • As many strips of pastry (about 3cm x 7cm) of roses that you want
  • An apple or two
  • Some cinnamon for sprinkling
  • Sugar
  • An egg or a bit of milk for coating



  1. Cut out little rectangles of puff pastry, and then roll them into strips
  2. Peel your apple, and then slice them into really thin pieces
  3. Place the apple pieces along the length of your pastry strips
  4. Sprinkle with as much cinnamon as you like, and a bit of sugar
  5. Roll them up to resemble roses, remembering to pinch the bottoms a bit so that they can stand up
  6. Coat the roses with egg, or a bit of milk
  7. Bake at 220 degrees Celsius, for about 20 minutes, or until brown