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Carrots and Peas bredie (stew)

This is definitely a Cape Malay staple, isn’t it just??

I don’t know its origins, but I imagine that things may have been a rather expensive back in the day, with meat and chicken being a “rich man’s food”. So, what to feed your big family? Well, there is a packet of carrots, a bag of frozen peas and a few pieces of meat.

Let’s make a pot of food!

Well, that’s how I imagine it came about. Continue reading “Carrots and Peas bredie (stew)”


Tomato bredie (stew)

Honestly, I never really liked this dish…until one day a few years ago I realised that I hadn’t had it in soooo long. And then I just really needed it in my life. Like, right that second.

I suppose its normal in a way, isn’t it? Kids, and teenagers alike, hardly ever want to eat their veggies.  Especially so when we were brought up to believe that it’s the lil chocolates and packets of potato chips that were the real treats in our lives!

Tomatoes, potatoes and meat in a pot? Eh… Continue reading “Tomato bredie (stew)”

Apple roses

What is it about warm summer evenings that make me want to switch on the oven and get the baking goods out? Who knows…but then again, who’s honestly complaining? Tonight after dinner, I happened to spot a leftover piece of puff pastry that I’d used two nights before for a delicious pepper steak pie.

I was in the mood for something sweet, but not too overly rich…and there were apples in the fridge sooo… Continue reading “Apple roses”

Mince bredie (stew)

I’ve always loved a good mince bredie. In fact, when my mum used to make it when I was kid, I’d always know that the family was in for a treat as it’s always been such a well-received dish! The rich flavours of the spiced minced together, with the potato and veggies in it was just so, so good!

I make a pretty mean mince bredie myself, I think! For me, the trick is to get pleeeenty of garlic and ginger in the mix, and to let your potatoes get so soft that they fall apart with just the slightest touch of a fork. Continue reading “Mince bredie (stew)”

Chocolate brownies with Marie Biscuits

Some mornings I wake up, dreaming of sweet chocolatey-ness that I just want to wrap myself in! A bit extreme…perhaps, but I do love me some chocolate, especially in the form of Chocolate Brownies!

A little while back, I left my day job and to celebrate the day, I made a batch of brownies, as how else do you say goodbye to a bunch of awesome people, if not with sugar??? Hehe

I didn’t have a recipe on hand, so I searched and searched all over the Internet, until I found one that seemed to hit all the good spots. I made one or two lil tweaks and voila, we now have a super delish brownie that is gooey, bite-in-able, and of course, totally chocolatey. Continue reading “Chocolate brownies with Marie Biscuits”

Spicy, Crispy Chicken Strips (KFC-inspired)

Some days I just really want some KFC, like I basically daydream about it and my mouth starts to water just walking past one of their franchises! But the thing is, that here in Cape Town there have been just too many horror stories about the quality of this particular chicken brand here. And all that aside, the stuff is really jam-packed with calories and not forgetting, who even knows where their chicken comes from? Free-range? I think not.

So, on these days that my body cries for KFC, I make some of my own! Granted, it’s never going to taste exactly like what I want, but I’d say it’s a pretty good alternative instead! Continue reading “Spicy, Crispy Chicken Strips (KFC-inspired)”

Bobotie with Dhanya-Egg Topping

South Africa has long been loved and known by this famous dish, and it’s easy to see why. Minced beef, sweet and savoury flavours and an egg-topping that adds just that extra touch of indulgence – this dish is a winner and it’s not going anywhere! For me, I don’t make it often but when I do, I can’t help but be proud of my Cape Town heritage!

For my Bobobie recipe, I’ve added in yet another Cape Malay love: dhanya (or coriander as it’s called elsewhere). This herb is used in so many of our recipes that it can be found on most street corner fruit vendors. I added this herb into my egg-topping and besides adding some nice colour, it also adds an additional lovely flavour. Continue reading “Bobotie with Dhanya-Egg Topping”

Flourless peanut butter, raisins and oats cookies

So let me just be frank with you guys for it…winter has left me with a few ADDITIONAL centimetres on my thighs that I’m not too pleased about. Blame winter? Yes. Take any personal responsibility? Uhm…no.

I love sweet stuff to the point of almost obsession at times, but sometimes, if we want to (clears throat) prepare to fit into regular summer pants; we ditch the overly buttery biscuits and make sliiiiightly less fatty ones instead! Continue reading “Flourless peanut butter, raisins and oats cookies”

Chicken, mushroom and spinach quiche…weeknight indulgence.

Often on a weeknight I have zero inspiration for food. It’s not that I mind cooking, it’s just that my brain can’t conjure up something delicious when all it wants is for me to have a looong nap.

Luckily, my husband sometimes has great ideas. As he works for himself and I don’t, he sometimes gets to the store during the day. Today was one of those and when I got home, he told me he’d picked up some chicken strips, spinach and mushroom.

Chicken, spinach and mushrooms? Did someo Continue reading “Chicken, mushroom and spinach quiche…weeknight indulgence.”

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